Welcome to the Boeing 737 NG and Airbus A320 Flight Simulator of the famous airliner!

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Full flight simulator

We are pleased to introduce flight simulators of the famous passenger airliner. Designed as a real plane cockpit, this simulator is analogous to the simulators used for training real-life pilots. Test the pilot in you!

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The Dream Aero team can offer you a variety of flight routes. From a simple take-off and landing operation at a familiar airport, to a trip across hemispheres in severe weather conditions, we have the flight for you. Choose any route, day or night, and a set of challenges you’ll experience along the way.


Dream Aero invites you to “take to the skies” on our passenger airliner flight simulator. Almost all parameters of our flight simulator meet the Doc 9625 ICAO FSTD Type VII requirements, which allow us to offer an authentic experience of flying a plane, suitable even for real-life pilots.

The flight simulator accurately reproduces every aspect of a real flight, with you behind the controls. While flying in adverse weather conditions might be a challenge for beginner pilots, one can master basic elements of the flight, such as takeoff, landing and following a flight path. Learning is easier than ever with an experienced instructor at your side.

In both technology and user experience, Dream Aero continues to lead the way in passenger airliner flight simulation.

What flight simulators we offer

Aviation Training Center Boeing 737 NG

Aviation Training Center Airbus A320

Boeing 737 NG and Airbus A320 families

Differences between Boeing and Airbus

Two aircraft, that are very similar in their use-cases, sizes, and other parameters, developed in different decades.
Boeing 737
A traditional aircraft, developed in the 1960-s in the USA, the 737 is controlled with a yoke and is more demanding on the pilot.
Airbus A320
Developed in Europe in the 1980-s, the A320 features much more automation, is controlled with a sidestick (joystick on the pilot's side), and features multiple layers of protection.



Our guests

Иван Ургант и Дамир Юсупов
Евгений Чебатков
Леонид Якубович
Константин Ивлев
Алексей Пивоваров
Виктор Логинов
Гурам Амарян
Илья Прусикин
Дмитрий Хрусталев


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