Flight simulator prices do not depend on the number of guests. You can fly alone or with one or two friends. During the entire flight an experienced instructor pilot will be in the cockpit to provide professional assistance and support.
Aeroflot Bonus
«Aeroflot Bonus» – this is Aeroflot's loyalty program. Participation in the program allows you to earn miles and use them for various awards.
No restrictions
Weekdays only
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VIP flights

Лётчик Лёха

60 min

25 000

Юрий Яшин (Airbus A320)

60 min

25 000

Леонид Якубович

60 min

53 500

Мерч Dream Aero Team

Футболка 4 силы черная

3 990

Футболка 4 силы белая

3 990

Футболка Сердце черная

3 990

Pilot courses

6 hours of theory and practice
Pilot book/souvenir as a gift
5%+ Discount card
Virtual pilot certificate
Basic course will give you:
  • aircraft's aerodynamics;
  • Boeing 737-800 construction;
  • basic rules and limitations in flight;
  • knowledge about in-flight procedures;
  • skill of visual and instrument aircraft control;
  • skill of aircraft landing.
Promotions and discounts do not apply.

360 min

44 900

Развлекательный курс


150 min

26 900

An entertaining course on the best airports in the world, 30 minutes of theory and two hours of unforgettable flights. The certificate is valid for 1 year. Promotions and tariff discounts do not apply.

Flight plan


The holder of the gift certificate can reserve any time slot for his or her flight experience. Book your flight in advance to get more choices.


Select a flight program that meets your interests.

Read carefully the rules you must follow during the flight.

Take the short pre-flight briefing to learn the basics of flight instruments and piloting.

We know that many people who dream of becoming captains on a Boeing flight find their aspirations too expensive or not affordable due to economic difficulties. Send us a message to tell us why you or your children need this experience so much.

We do not provide any discounts, however we’ll be pleased to give you an opportunity to have a flight experience when the simulator is vacant. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that your request will be granted, and hope for your understanding. Thank you.


  • Use our flight simulator for a variety of educational opportunities, including team-building events. Catering service options must be arranged in advance.
  • Enjoy our custom-made programs for groups from 3 to 20 people.
  • Competitions with prizes (for example, for the best landing) can be arranged.
  • The price of a flight simulator for a corporate event – from 4000 per person.

Dull and boring corporate parties can become fascinating, thrilling and educational.

Every guest will be given an opportunity to sit at plane controls, while others observe the flight either from passenger seats or on external monitors. The spirit of competition and interesting common tasks will help build team spirit and promote informal and friendly communication.


There is a 15% discount available if you lucky enough to visit us on YOUR BIRTHDAY (or 7 days before or after your birthday) (PLEASE NOTE! Discounts are available ONLY if you present your ID).

Get 15 extra minutes when purchasing a flight between 10:00 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Monday through Thursday!